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                About us

                We are a high-tech enterprises including R&D, manufacturing, trading, sales and service which is located in Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone,over the years we have been devoting ourselves to the R&D and manufacturing of fastener testing equipment.

                Up to now our core products"Thread Friction Coefficient Testing Machine", "Fastener Transverse Vibration Testing Machine","Bolt Axial Force Ultrasonic Testing System", "Bolt Simulation Assembly Analysis System" have reached the advanced level in quality and performance.

                With a group of experienced professionals in testing machine industry and senior engineers,we will  provide you the most professional technical support and solutions for  fastener performance testing.


                LATEST NEWS

                • 12020-01-01

                CONTACT US


                Phone: 15821239223

                Tel: 021-68365595

                Email: shtchsy@126.com