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                Language: Chinese line English

                Fasteners Test Analysis System

                • Thread Friction Coefficient Test Machine
                Thread Friction Coefficient Test Machine

                Thread Friction Coefficient Test Machine

                • Fasteners Test Analysis System
                • Threaded Fastener Test System
                • Screw Testing Machine
                • Product description: Fasteners Test Analysis System,Threaded Fastener Test System,Screw Testing Machine,Torque Tension Testing Machine Standard Reference: ISO16047,ISO2320,VW01131,GMW3359,C10054
                • INQUIRY

                * Main Function Module

                l Prevailing Torque Test- ISO2320, tightening characteristics of locking nut;

                l Friction Coefficient Test- GB/T16823.3 / DIN 946 /ISO 16047

                l Simulate Assembly Condition Test -according to customer different assembly process programming to verify the assembly effectiveness;

                l Attenuation Test- delay detection of axial force attenuation curve;

                l Yield Tightening Test- test the assembly torque, axial force and other parameters required for the yield point;

                l Breaking Test-test clamp force, torque and other parameters for fastener failure.

                * Standard Reference:

                ISO 16047, GB/T16823.3, DIN 946, VW 01131, MBN 10544, ISO2320,

                GB/T 3098.92010, EN14399-10,EN14399-2,EN14399-3,ISO0898-1,GB/T32076.7,  GB/T32076.2, GB/T32076.3, GB/T32076.4, GB/T3632-2008, GB/T16823.2

                * Test Parameters:

                axial force (clamping force), total torque, screw torque, torque of support surface, the total friction coefficient, supporting surface friction coefficient, thread friction coefficient test and K-factor, variable coefficient Vk, yield limit torque Ty, ultimate tightening torque, tightening angle, etc.

                ISO2320-2015 Mechanical properties of prevailing torque locking nut:

                First:TFv.max, First;TFd.min, Fifth:TFd.min

                Major Technical Indicators

                1. Total tightening torque measuring range: 2-2000NM

                2. Axial force measuring range: 2-400KN

                3.      Thread torque test range: 2-1000NM

                4. Torque measurement accuracy: ± 1%

                5. Torsion angle measurement resolution: 0.001 °

                6. Torsion angle measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

                7. Load speed: 0 ~ 40r / min or 0-200 r/min(optional)

                8. Clamp load accuracy: ± 1%

                9. Reverse direction: positive and negative directions

                10. Power: 10KW, three phase AC 380V±10%

                Environmental Conditions


                Air Humidity10%-90%;