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                Fasteners Test Analysis System

                • Fastener Test Analysis System
                Fastener Test Analysis System

                Fastener Test Analysis System

                • Fastener Testing
                • Fastener Test Analysis System
                • Screw Testing Machine
                • Tensile Testing Machine
                • Product description: Fasteners Test Analysis System,Threaded Fastener Test System,Screw Testing Machine,Torque Tension Testing Machine Standard Reference: ISO16047,ISO2320,VW01131,GMW3359,C10054
                • INQUIRY

                nction introduction

                ? This machine is used to test and analyze the threaded fasteners.

                Standard Reference:

                ISO16047, ISO2320, BS EN14399, GB/T3098, GB/T16823, VW01131, GMW3359, C10054

                Test parameters:

                axial force(clamping force),the total torque, screw torque, torque of support surface, the total friction coefficient, supporting surface friction coefficient, thread friction coefficient test, K factor, yield limit torque, damage torque axial force and tight angle.


                Whether a portable test system or a full laboratory system, they are typically comprised of the following five components: data acquisition, rotary torque transducer, clamp force load cell, drive system, and a fixture assembly.

                Equipped professionally, the length of testing sample can be more than or equal to 3D to solve the problem the short sample can't test (need to do the substitute). With the extensive experience in tooling design test, it satisfies the need of customers of various sample test.

                Multi-function bolt test system has reached the leading level in the design and manufacture industry around the world. In line with the ISO international standards and adopt new materials, new process, new technology, all parts and all kinds of instrument sensor measurement units employ the international unit (IS) standard. The device structure is sufficient static and dynamic thermal stability stiffness equipped with high precision and strong anti-interference ability cells. Survey control system adopts the bus template design for the realization of functional unit templating and standardized design. The measurement precision is highly configurable and flexible and easy to exchange. Servo control employs digital PID servo control technology.


                The measurement software is truly based on WIN7 operating system to ensure that it can operate steadily and efficiently. The software can simulate the real assembly process to achieve torque method, torque + angle method, the slope method (yield point) and other threaded fastener tightening method along with a variety of control methods like axial force, angle. All kinds of control mode can switch smoothly in between and no mutation or out of control. In accordance with relevant standards , it is allowed to calculate the value of torque coefficient, head of the bolt, screw, total friction coefficient and so on, of which the results can be output to Office / PDF folders, making it easy to transfer and manage the reports.